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The X-ray and ultrasound examination of animals

The ultrasound examination

Thanks to a modern SonoScape® ultrasound device from now on we can diagnose our patients' problems even more accurately and safely.

The device allows an assesment of changes occurring in kidneys, liver, spleen, urinary bladder, alimentary tract, uterus, prostate, testes, and other organs of the abdominal cavity. It allows testing for pregnancy with the assesment of fetal viability. It also allows the evaluation of selected joints and tendons (e.g. biceps tendon or knee joint).

Using that machine we can also perform the echocardiographic examination and, in combination with the ECG examination, we can asses the heart's function.

Badanie psa przy pomocy aparatu USG

The ultrasound examination of a dog

USG pęcherza moczowego

Lithiasis seen during the ultrasound examination of the urinary bladder


Pyometra in bitch recognised during an ultrasound examination

tętno płodu

The evaluation of fetal heart rate during pregnancy

The X-ray examination

In our clinic we also have a modern system of digital radiography, PROSCAN CR-System 35, for performing the radiological examination in animals.

Szybkie skanowanie i najwyższa jakość

Fast scan and highes quality

Thanks to the fast scanning, the radiograms are immediately ready for an evaluation.

Proces wywoływania zdjęcia

Photo processing

Radiogram klatki piersiowej psa

The X-ray of dog's chest

Radiogram szczęki szczenięcia

The X-ray of mandible in a puppy

Radiogram łuku zębowego szczęki psa

The X-ray of dental arch in dog

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